Ananda Pets Full Spectrum Hemp Extract


Full Spectrum CBD Extract containing 10mg per ml for a total of 300mg in a 30ml bottle for oral use.

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Ananda Pets is a full-spectrum hemp extract created exclusively for cats and dogs. Just like us, our pets have a similar endocannabinoid system (ECS), a central regulatory system that plays an essential role in establishing and maintaining health.

Apply drops directly into your pet’s mouth or drop on your pet’s favorite food or snack.

CBD ignites your pets’ cannabinoid receptors and shows promise in supporting:

  • Neurology & Cognitive Function
  • Immunity & Allergy Systems
  • Hip & Joint Mobility
  • Relaxation & Comfort
  • Everyday Health & Wellness


Weight of Pet (lb) Number of Drops
Less than 5 lbs 3 drops
10 5 drops
20 10 drops
30 15 drops
40 20 drops (approx. half dropper)
50 25 drops
60 30 drops
70 35 drops (approx. full dropper)
80 40 drops
90+ lbs 45 drops

Titrate dose up slowly as needed.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Extract from Hemp, Bacon Flavoring.


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